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Hi there people,

A strange one for you, well maybe. I am in the process of designing some labels for a new well being drink, (kind of a mix between a health/energy/vitamin drink). We have designed quite a few labels which the client is happy with but now they want to see a version in the style of a beer label.

So I ask you, as I am sure you all drink beer, can anyone suggest any fonts that might fit into the beer/wellbeing category.

Thanks in advance..


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Beer and well-being. Hmm. :^D

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Maybe Pivo ('beer' in Czech) from Storm Type Foundry..?


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i suggest fakir - a healthy beer without a blackletter comrad, can`t be one... :)

>kind of a mix between a health/energy/vitamin drink
bavarians define beer this way :)

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If 1930s Belgian beer is your thing, you might look at this...

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Thanks guys, I am liking Bernhard Antique and Pivo, the others although great are a little traditional, I am looking for something that has a little modern stylee to it, sorry, should have mentioned that in the initial post,

Thanks for your help,

wellbeing beer, what a fantastic concept. just the name would sell a million.

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