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hi, will be a photographers gallery + stock photo + photography theory & tutorials project. The concept off ADD something made me use the universal (+) symbol that will be the visual brand of the site & logo. For now, the colors are not final, and I'm quite happy with the results. The card is of course not final, just to show the (+) cut I want to use on this ID.

I want a strong ID, very simple and easy recognizable (memorable).

Thanks for all the feedback.

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What about using the plus sign as a camera cross-hairs, like on one of the "oh"s?


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Hrant that would be a good idea, and Charleston Heston would indorse it especially if you had a deer image behind the cross hairs.

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Would you use the +F as a gestalt? It may suggest F+, as in failing plus. I like your approach though.

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Thanks for your comments. I won't use F+ as a gestalt, the +FOTO will be always as one. I will use the (+) as the gestalt.

About the bottom corners, you are right, I did this so fast as the idea was good that I really need to put the stuff on illustrator. I think Daniel is correct on the cross hairs... I have to think anf try a bit more.

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I love that logo. Simply I love it. the + may get lost as you pullaway though. I dont know how it'll look on a pen ( Micro size ) or on other color backgrounds. If its pure white it works. ButLittle Gettyimages with a color scheme if your going for a new brand. hmmm... play with it in other colors see how it works other flat colors.

Love the communication though, elegant simple brings addition to photography with a corporate functional voice.

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I really like the concept.
I think it is fairly solid.


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Whoa -- Very nice!

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This will be my project for the next 3 months, so I'll pick this ID in a few weeks. Thanks for the feedback :-)

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