Rolling Stone v/s Hippie

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Hi typophiles,

Today I was reading the newspaper and for the forst time I read a typographic article in the showbussines section.

Here it is: "Canal 13" one of the biggest TV channels in here are promoting their new soup opera called "Hippie" that takes place in the 60s.

The "Hippie" logo is everywhere in Chile and somehow the RollingStone got it. They are very upset and I can understand why. The office that design the "Hippie" logo say that there are too many typefaces like the one used in the "RollingStone" logo and that the complain has not a solid base.

In Chile the author rights for a designer doesn't exist, the lawyers don't recognize the graphic and typoface design as a field where the laws can be applied, so I am hoping that this could be a very good start point to eliminate the graphic design copycats, here thay are a plague and I really think that designers won't evolve until we realize that originality is an important fact in a good design.

I have always love the typographic work in RollingStone Magazine, and I always think that their logo is a customize font.

So, can anyone tell me if I am wrong, and what do you think about the similitud.

RollingStone v/s Hippie

For me the "Hippie" logo is a very bad copy, the curves in the horizontal stem in the "H" are more natural for an "R", the "e" and "i" are identicals, and the "Hp" ligature is a bad varsion of the "Rl" in "RoollinStone" and owfully consturcted, its funny that the bad construction is evident just where they can't get an exact copy.

I need the experts opinion, and I will do all I can to publish our final typophiles veredict in the same newspaper where I read the article, that by the way is the most important in Chile.

Thanks for all the opinions, and don't get too upset with the copycats plague.


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I wasn't disagreeing with any of you. I was simply wondering aloud why the designer did it?

Of course it would be better for them to do research. But then, where do you draw the line? Is it alright then, that April Greiman "appropriately" appropriated the design of Herbert Matter?

It strikes me strangest, as Nick pointed out, that the design says nothing of Chile.

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It doesn't say "hippie" me either. But, to people that don't truly understand history and culture (this one in particular), visual history especially, I think it would be easy to confuse it. Griffin's logo is not near as eponymous with the so-called rock subculture as is that of Parkinson.

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Yes, I'll parrot John's comment. Jim Parkinson has more ability to work with letters than most.

...the ball terminals evoke...

I was thinking more of psychedelia and smoke and hookahs...but I can see the music now. ;^)

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Wow. Thanks Mark. Jim, can we coax you to elaborate?

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We're taking the opportunity at TypeCon2004 this July to explore the work of some of the artists who helped shape the San Francisco aesthetic of the 60s-70s. Jim Parkinson will give a presentation which will include a look at his early work - Jim's talks are always a lot of fun. Roger Black is going to speak... Carl Rohrs, a talented NoCal calligrapher, will give a presentation about Rick Griffin. Carl's talk will showcase the work Rick did for RS, and also his other contributions to the scene - Haight Ashbury posters for the Grateful Dead, his work with Surfer mag, etc. It's going to be a treat to see what these guys were up to back in the day, as well as the great work they're doing now.

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I recall seeing the 1974 version at Rick Griffin's house in the late '70s. I didn't realize that it was a cleaned up version of the 1967 original. Thanks to Mark for the evolutionary samples.

Hippy is almost perfectly goofy. Nothing wrong with that.

Chile had a very rich counter-culture which survived the US-backed dictatorship, but which isn't proving to be sufficiently resilient to survive World Bank and International Monetary Fund policies. Perhaps Hippy reflects that reality rather well.

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