Playstation 3 & Bello!?

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The new European marketing for the Playstation 3 was posted on Kotaku, a gaming site, and it features Underware's Bello! A capture is attached to this post. Not what I would've expected.

You can watch the video here on YouTube.

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I guess the marketing team was play-testing in their Underware.

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Ah, Sony, like Superman clearly wear their Underware on the outside. So why pick Spiderman's font for the product logo?

Answer: they obviously have a super-hero complex - complete with Blue Ray Vision!

Cheers, Si

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weird font choices aside (or infact included). that is a terrible piece of motion graphics.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design, Melbourne

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That seems to be the consensus from gamers online, in response to the tagline and motion graphics.

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