Quikzilver: a font around circles

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Hi all,

Since there hasn’t been paid too much attention to this topic:


... I’d like to come up with something more elaborated. ;-)

I created a semi-capital font in almost the same type of grid, slightly more complex now.
The result are some written-like, quite decorative lettershapes.

I really like the fluidity of some of the shapes, where others tend to be stuck in the grid and bear strength when standing on their own.

I have attached a file with the font on it, including my work method.

Below you can see a sample. Any comments, ideas, advice?

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I'm sorry, can't attach a pdf because of too large size (1,5 MB?)

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Well, this might work out better:

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Disclaimer: those are just my views, so don't be offended. I'm often wrong, but here's what I think.

I think the shapes are nice, but as a typeface it's almost impossible to read. This is almost always a disadvantage. How do you envision the font being used? Body text, signage, logos, on-screen? None of these are really feasible due to the low readability. Is there any way you could make it easier to decipher? Also, it's almost impossible to kern it the way it is.

Anybody else think the letters resemble faces with various moustaches/beards? Sort of like stylized Beatles portraits (the "H" is definitely Ringo). And the strict "grid" (if that's the term) reminds me of LCD displays.

As a thought experiment or conceptual art project, oh yes. As a usable font, not really.

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Termopolium: thanks for your comments.

Actually, I think you're right. The font is not meant to be legible in the first place. My first concern was how to create lettershapes within the borders of the grid, I faced a very theoretical design problem. So to say, there were many restrictions, so many that they could be (appear to be) an obstacle if it comes to legibility and practical usability.

I think this font, in its current form, can be used in short word images, maybe logos, only if the word itself is very easy to recognize. Some shapes are more distinctive than others, during design process I noticed that some words written in it worked, where others failed to do so.

I think it is a matter of making the right combinations.

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There's already a font called Quicksilver... not sure if you'll run into copyright issues.

As for the font itself, I agree with Stefan for the most part.

Your 'F' and 'P' are too similar (I read both as 'F'), as are 'U' and 'O'. 'B', 'D', 'H', 'T', and 'Y' seem to be the least legible letters. If you work on these, it may increase the readability of your typeface. 'S', and 'R' could use work, although they will probably be readable in context with other letters.

- Lex

P.S. your image says "JIGSAW PVZZLE" not "JIGSAW PUZZLE"

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