Independent Studio...suggestions?

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As part of our curriculum in the Graphic Design program at the University of Cincinnati,
we have the option of taking Independent studios, in which we select an area of interest (or topic of)
and have a 1 on 1 type of thing where we meet with a professor once a week to review the progress of
our work throughout the quarter (10-12 weeks.) I am starting to think of things, but am curious to know if you were offered this opportunity, what would you do? thanks! —Dan

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Movable Type studies and application in a :60 sec / short film

History of (insert time period here) and application in a modern day environment

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id do type design , its something my tutors tell us about but dont give us any idea how to do it , lou

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we have had type design courses. what do you mean by moveable type studies? like motion stuff?

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Tiffany, it's off-topic, perhaps you could point Louise toward some info on Reading?

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Ah good idea, Carl.

If you want to go deep into something theory driven, and I mean seriously deep, you could always look at the past theses from the Typography Department at the Univesity of Reading. Perhaps something there will ping you in the right way. Click on Research and then Past Theses.

In addition, you could check out which has an amazing collection of materials for research.

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