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Thanxxx for your previous posts...
(If all you wanted to have was my number, you could have asked for it earlier ;-p...)
Ok, so one last thread about my new business card new modifications and : NO, I'm not going to put any other contact information there : I'd rather have a client gifted with a brain who could find all the information he needs on it and not overload the design with unecessary text... and : NO, I'm not willing to change the picture nore the logotype, for god sake ! A little bit of taste here, and c'mon it's not that bad, I don't agree...
By the way, I'd LOVE to see your bCards guys...
Let's have a little gallery here in this thread.
B.CARDS HALL OF FAME (first edition)


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HI htere, nice work, very Tomatoesque,

I missed your last posts, what typeface are you using for your email address


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I'm using Kursivschrift Stehend (http://www.linotype.com/9652/kursivschriftstehend-font.html) + the "@" of Digital Kauno.
Please, be the first to post your own business card and start our little business card exhibition ;-)

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