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I'm working on a new font, my first to include a pretty full character set, with math operators as well as upper and lower greek and cyrillic. I'm currently trying to get the bold version to look 'right' and decide what to do for italics. I thought I'd post some of the regular version here for critique. I'm going for a retro-tech look, reminiscent of late '70's to 80 computer-system fonts, but more fun. Does it work?

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I'm not sure this qualifies, not technically, as a sans.

You should consider your x-height and solve around that. For instance, the e seems out of place. It is fun and has potential for limited usage.

The 'i' disappears. The 'D' looks like a 'V' in the heading.

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I was going to put it in serifs, but I only 1/2 the characters have any serifs, and they don't serve a real function.

By considering the x-height and solving around that, you mean when I'm developing the italicized variation?

Thanks for the feedback on the specific letters. I will thicken the 'I' so it shows more at smaller sizes. You are also right on the 'D', it is drawn from the V, but the differences aren't apparent enough. Will ponder a solution.

The emphasis is on funky/weird, but I would like it to be usable for short titles and such.

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