Version of Garamond for Display?

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Does anyone know of a version of Garamond designed for larger use? (above 18 pts) Possibly with more angular serifs?

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I was going to suggest Font Bureau as well.

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Nice suggestions, Grot. Also, they are more venetians than garaldes, but maybe Spira or Nicholas will work.

Can you describe what you mean by "angular"?

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You could always use something like Warnock from Adobe or Vendetta from Emigre or Farnham from Font Bureau.

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I like Amsterdamer Garamont, which is nearly identical to the display sizes of ATF Garamond, an old favorite of mine.

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If you up close, the corners of the serifs are rounded off, and there are no perectly horizontal or vertical lines (everything has a slight curve to it)... I'm wondering if anyone has done a version where this is not the case....

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Joslog: Wouldn't that detract from the Old Style that it was originally created in? Losing the lighter/more sensitively bracketed serifs and resulting overall lighter color?

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Thanks, I think fontbureau's FB Garamond is the nicest.

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perhaps, but it might be nice in a different way... I think you have to see these things to know what works

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perhaps, but it might be nice in a different way… I think you have to see these things to know what works

Not saying it's a horrible idea, just wondering how close it would push the face to say another more flat-footed Old Style like Palatino or gasp...Times New Roman. I've always seen Garamond as the friendly neighbor that's easy going with no sharp edges is all.

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Not sure about the angular serifs, but Fountain's Monteverdi is a nice take on the Garamond "style" with some great ligatures. It's also intended for larger sizes.

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Monotype has a version of Garamond, one weight with italic, just for display. It would work superbly for you.

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A friend of mine swears by 1530 Garamond for titling. Never tried it myself.

- Lex

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Depends on your intended use. For a more rustic look, I would definitely go for Tiro's; for clean-cut, Adobe Garamond Pro Titling.

Monotype Garamond is not of his design but of Granjon's. It works superbly in larger sizes, though; in fact, its one of those faces that can sparkle in both texts and titles.

But I agree, its italic is yummy.

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