FOUND: Typography in our environment

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I just published the first of many books to come on the topic of type in our environment. We often overlook some great examples of typography as we go about our daily lives. FOUND focuses in on those subtle examples as well as dramatic ones, such as signs and graffiti. For the first edition of FOUND I have focused in on Springfield, OH and all of the forgotten type that it holds. Next up Seattle, WA.

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-- Andy

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Nice project! I've seen a book (in a book) that tried to find extraordinary examples for every letter.
I like these kind of things as reminders of the beauty all around us.

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Have you had a look on Flickr? There are thousands of great images for found type.
Thought you may be interested.

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Yeah, I've seen some of those. Really nice stuff. This book is more of a zine for this first go round. The images just weren't the quality I would have liked. But it's still cool in a zine kind of way. Those rich full color images are just tasty.

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Any particular reason you chose Springfield Ohio as oposed to say Chicago or New Orleans for starts?


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I'm a resident of Springfield. It's an old industrial town and has a huge amount of leftover signage and what not from that time frame. A good slice of a common midwest industrial town. The history in the book is pulled from Wikepedia and has a lot of interesting tidbits. My favorite is that the first official jail was guarded by a black bear.

Seattle is my next book. Should be cool.

I also want to do one on old sheet music typographic illustrations. Some nice stuff there.


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