Tatto icons (Victionary)

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sorry for the small samples.
and thanks in advance...

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What do you want to know?

The type headlines are probably Kursivschrift:


Nick Cooke

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I just love these semi-script typefaces!
Very cool graphics as well!

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I just love this typeface (Kursivschrift, if it is...), does anyone know other typefaces close to this one.
Thank you.


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It IS Kursivschrift!
If you like the semi-script thing about it, you might also like Fenotype's Digital Kauno (http://www.fenotype.com/font/fontpage.htm) although its balance is leaning to the other side, being more script-like.
I posted my first font here (http://typophile.com/node/27678) a couple of days ago which was inspired by Digital Kauno (amongst other things).
Another -closer- alternative to Kursivschrift would be Bellevue (http://www.myfonts.com/search?search%5Btext%5D=bellevue) which however is a little old.

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yes, you're right it IS Kursivschrif. I can tell too.
Fling and Digital Kauno (I have this one and love it!) are awesome too. I am going to check these other ones right now.
I've found this font called Wenceslas at http://www.dafont.com/fr/search.php?q=wenceslas. What do u think, i think it's kind of an interesting font...
I'm in the middle of redesigning my business cards and I am desperately looking for a "crush" on a new font that i am going to use for the "text" (the adress, title etc.) I started with a Minion, then went for a Trade Gothic Condensed, then an Officina sérif italic and at last a Georgia italic. Call me a schizo : I like them all (though I am kind of tired of Minion) ! Now i am actually considering purchasing this Kursivschrift. The matter is this seems to be a great font at a rather big size but doesn't seem to be perfectly readable at a size 9 for example. What do u think ?

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FontShop supplied Kursivschrift for Tattoo Icons. You'll find the credit in the back of the book. Here's more of the font in Martha Stewart Blueprint magazine.

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Wencleas seems a little like an amateuristic version to me (although Manfred Klein does make nice things in general).
None of these typefaces are really suitable for longer texts or for small use. Depending on which you choose, it could be OK for an adress though.

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Guys, you made my day!
I finally decided to purchase Kursivschrift from Linotype and I am very happy about it.
Now, may I ask for your comments about this new business card of mine, I'm still hesitating between the different "versions". It is going to be offset printed on transparent Cromatico™ paper.
Thanks in advance.
(I was also thinking to use Digital Kauno's "@")

Oh shit ! Can't I post a .pdf on typophile?

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For comments on stuff like that, head over to The Critique Forum and start a new thread in the Typography or Corporate ID section. You can upload a PDF as part of your first post.

- Lex

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Thank you for the tip

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effectively, I wanted to id the headlines

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