URW Garamond no. 8

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Any opinions on this cut? (Has anyone used it? Does it go well with Chanel no. 5?)
It's free under an Aladdin license.

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I am overwhelmed...

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Never heard of it. Can you show a sample?
Some text and a large lc "a" would be good.


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It's a version of Stempel Garamond, apparently.

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Looks decent. At least it's not a Jannon. But the
"f" is crippled, and the spacing could be better.


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I just stumbled across this old thread.

"URW Garamond No. 8" is a digitization of the old Compugraphic rip-off font "Garamond Antiqua", later also called "CG Garamond Antiqua" and much later sold as "CG Garamond" by Monotype and also supplied by HP with its Laserjet printers.

For source see "THE type BOOK" by cg Compugraphic Corp., Wilmington 1988

This huge law book


is typeset using URW Garamond No. 8

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