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I have created this recruitment poster for a summer camp for kids with Diabetes. They're being hung up on the campus of Notre Dame today. I'm interested in making this poster better for my portfolio, as I'm job searching.

I researched a few poster companies such as Hatch Show Print and Yeehaw Industries. I love their country/western style of letterpress and since this poster was for a camp in Texas, I felt it appropriate. There's a lot of stars because, well, the Lonestar State. I don't have a letterpress sitting around so I had to use the computer. That meant I could take some liberties with the type, and I think it's doing OK.

But how can I make this poster better? You can see a full sized gif and the pdf here:

sweeney small

application/pdfsweeney pdf
sweeney.pdf (418.2 k)

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Pretty neat! I especially like the two logos at the bottom.

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Thanks, John.

No more takers on this one? I must have made the best poster ever. Go figure!

Hrant, I took out the traps on the big letters.

sweeney.pdf (416.3 k)

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Daniel, the e in Sweeney needs to be taller
and extend a bit below the baseline.

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Well, this being Typophile you might get less feedback than for a font design - but I think people might still have good typographic suggestions. I personally like the overall design, but maybe more "adventurous" fonts could be used? Like wood-type looking stuff?

Good move on the traps!


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Good call on the traps. Like I said when I emailed you, I knew they were there, but I didn't know they were traps. I've seen traps on other faces and they look a lot more deliberate.

I should probably stop being a cheap bastard and buy a font or two. Maybe when I get a job. Sorry, Mr. Shinn, Helvetica is about all I got.

"e" is fixed. Thanks. I've yet to see this thing printed out. That should help me out.

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There's a wonderful* article by Tamye Riggs in the current issue of HOW magazine about high-quality free fonts. That might put you on the road to buying fonts! :-)

* One reason it's wonderful is that in a number of places she makes a nicely subtle point of stating that people should still buy fonts.


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I'm on my way to the bookstore to read it, but I ain't buying it! But seriously, I don't buy much, but I'd like to buy a few fonts, including FF Dax...

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Daniel, some thoughts.
The thing is that If you go for a Typographic poster (which I love them) the Type is Very important, and in the style you have chosen even more. Like Hrant said I would try a wooden type, extended and condensed, or regular and condensed, you will need both of them to make differences and I would not mix them with helveticas (you can keep this ones for the presentations and so make it a different part of the poster, I see it now a little bit confuse*), I am aware of your cash-type-problem, but I would consider something low price like Goshen or something a little less distressed and more regular, and you'll have fun for the same price!.
* Someone told me once that the design starts in the order, and that's one of the few thigs I am sure in my job, and for your poster, what is the most important thing? The second? The third? keep that in mind, I think that in your case at least is so important Summer Employment Opportunity (or is Summer Employment. Opportunity!) as Camp Sweeney. At a first and fast look (the way most of the posters are seen) my eyes go at Sweeney and at the same time at Debartol and at Opportunity, I would try to make more differences using the two colors and sizes, you could try to put the presentations a little smaller (Don't worry, if I am interested in a Summer Employment Opportunity in Camp Sweeney I will read it, and if they are sponsors I still think are too big).
Two quick thoughts:
Consider using not a white paper, some with light brown tono, and I don't mean an expensive and soft (?) one.
Maybe too many stars? I think you are in The Thin Red Line between Circus and West style from my spanish point of view.
I really like the way you have made and arrange the three presentations and the Date-Place-Map, nice, you got it.

I hope it helps !

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