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So a few days ago I came down with mono AND strep. Ugh. So this was sort of the first constructive thing that i've been able to do besides watching tv and sleeping. So I dont really know if it's just something that im enjoying because my head is cluttered or if it actually has any charm to it. Feedback would be awesome! thanks.

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Well, I for one like it...
The font has a "Cherry Coke" handdrawn feel to it that's very nice.
You should never be allowed to sleep or watch TV again ;-)

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I like it too, but I'd like to see more alternate characters and ligatures (other than "LL"). Having at least one alternate for each character and a little Opentype magic would greatly improve the hand-drawn feel this has.

As it stands, it's quite nice.

- Lex

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I think it would fit nicely in a Levi's advertisment for jeans!

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goran: hahaha

Thanks guys!

Lex: It does sort of have more alternates than LL. Essentially every charecter has an alternate that fits under the r or t charecter, just those alternates are pretty much the origional letter form shrunk. I do think you're right though that it would bennefit from more. Maybe I should change those up.

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how would I use opentype to implement alternates? Like, maybe replacing the normal r every other or every third time its used?
would I use salt? Does anyone have an example that I could look at?


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