Lettering Si Scott style

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While in Boston at TypeCon last week I came across a window display that caught my eye. Turns out it's the work of UK designer Si Scott. Its beautiful, hand-drawn type with all the nuance of great lettering.

My pic on Flickr:

From Si Scott's site:

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This style is wonderful!

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Wish I had seen that one, I might have stopped in for a well lettered pint ;-)


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Actually Chris, it was a sporting goods store... note the basketball in the first O. =)

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wow! that's really wonderful. Loved the style.

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Slam Dunk! and the name "Lebron" should have been a clue too!
Don't ever get old Joe, you start to see mirages everywhere :-|


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Reminds me a bit of Patrick Griffin's Heathen
A really cool design - I wish I had had that idea!

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Thanks for the link Tim.

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art nouveaus return :-)


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