PAC outdoor on acrilic

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Hello there.

Small job here. It's an outdoor signage (2,4x0,40m) on acrilic + steel. This beautiful logo will be printed on vinyl and applied on the back side of the acrilic revealing a grey steel back as filling color (white space). I've choosen NEUTRAFACE as the type due to the... her... strange geometric concepts of the PAC logo. Any sugestion? I just can't ignore the logo :-)

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Have you tried puting into the location using a location photo & photoshop? It can be a crude method but sometimes seeing what something looks like in context will show you that an otherwise wonderful design doesn't work in a specific space or place. I'd like to see the materials simulated too. That will tell you a great deal too.

Regarding the design itself - I like what you have done. It's seems very restrained & helpful rather than being showy. It's a good contrast with the logo. Having nice geometric Os does tie into the existing logo nicely. It seems responsible & I mean that with respect.

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