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I'm looking to get my hands on some of those type buttons that were handed out at TypeCon this year. Specifically, I'd like to get the little "I love type" buttons. Does anyone know who made those? Or more importantly, where I can get more of them from? Any leads would be much appreciated!


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Now really... that is just too easy, Nick.

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I'd guess that they were a SoTA thing, since they were out on the registration table. Perhaps a board member would know?

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Indeed at the registration desk, with no indication as to who provided them - here are mine...

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Many of the buttons you saw were made by Nick Sherman of MyFonts:


I believe that they were distributed specifically for TypeCon, so I'm not sure they'll be available otherwise. Bother him a little, offer him some money perhaps :)

In addition, Typophile had a nice selection of buttons floating around and you may have seen the black and white "I love helvetica" and "I hate helvetica," provided by Gary Huswit of the Helvetica documentary.

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Thanks then to Nick and all other button and sticker donators! This is the stuff that makes TypeCon so special ;-)

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Thanks for the tip, Zara, very much appreciated!

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I personally chose: 'Your face is Grotesk' :-D

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I was sporting "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TYPEFACE DESIGNER" during most of the conference.

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I got the Nike type one with my cd, the Lego one looks nicer though.

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