Londoners – redrawn Gothic 13 maybe?

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Hi - can anyone help with the attached logo?

My first thought was that someone has played around with Gothic 13, redrawing the 'O' and slightly expanding the other characters, but I can't quite replicate the weight.

Maybe it is an actual typeface? All input is gratefully appreciated.

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Since the O's are not optical correct in the inner circles, they are probably handmade (its like a diamond shape inside, the vertical stems should be a little bit thicker in my opinion).

I also looked at Helvetica Inserat and if you manipulate it a little bit, you could get the same appearance as the logo, conserning the other letters.
But hey, Gothic 13 should also work fine, after some manipulation.

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L-ND-NERS is Champion Middleweight from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. The Os are probably hand-drawn as Goran suggested.

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