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This is a first pass at an idea i've had for a while. I've been doodling swooshy letters like this for some time now and I think it will be a cool monoline display face. Obviously this is the very beginning, but thought I'd get some input. I just started on the caps today...


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Might be some good opportunities for awesome ligatures!

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Yep, I have a few cool ligatures in my sketches. I can't wait to see what the lowercase will look like.

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The tilted F looks kinda off next to all the other straight verticals.
F'ing great lookin font though.
would it be TPC bound?

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i would buy this. good work matt. a funkier W would be a nice addition....

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I know, the F is messed. I am going to make the straight lines less straight in all of the characters to make it feel more hand drawn.

This will probably get sold through madtype if it ever gets done. It's really still in the sketching stage. The above showing is just expanded strokes in fontog.


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