Headlines To Go With My 'Deseos' Logo

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This is my logo:

and these are 2 of 5 headlines I'm drawing to go in the same style of the logo:

Please critique. I will post the remaining 3 as I get the ideas from paper to digital form.

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One more:

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bump bump bump

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I would suggest making the 'n's one piece instead of two distinct strokes. Same with the 'r'. The second 'o' in "Hookah" should probably connect to the 'k' to reflect the flow of the original logo.

- Lex

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I think you should work another way of joining (or not) er in dinner and work in some more colliding the letters as the logo. What kind of scale do you think the headlines and the logo will work at together? I ask because the stroke weights might seem a bit at variance when seen together, I also get the impression of the characters leaning to the right slightly more than the logo. There is something about the g which is bothering me it seems a bit out of character.

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