Seeking permission to use a photo of a linotype matrix

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I am a lit major whose first job at age 14 was in 1951 in a printshop; I am presently putting together pictures and thoughts from my misspent youth in HTML to go onto a CD for the kids. It may be published eventually if I can find a publisher with a taste for the quirky, but I can't see it in any form other than electronic: afterthoughts, sidebars, sidebars to the sidebars, essays on the draft, etc. live in a nexus of hyperlinks and would be infuriating on paper.

Every time I mention some object, I find that nobody today, except for a dwindling few, knows what I am talking about, so I have been grabbing pictures of admats, transposition brackets (I was later a telephone lineman), Paige compositors (always a lit major: Mark Twain invested heavily in this just when Ottmar was busy with his invention) and the like to explain.

I should like to use your image of the linotype matrix 14919.jpg found on Google Image search (which lists the link as broken) in my work. I give good attribution with a link to your site, and I offer a copy of my eventual CD, if you would care to have one. Whom do I contact?

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The typophile Admins may be able to trace who posted that image...

but it looks like it was scanned from a book. Someone here may have an image that they could share.

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The image was originally posted by Kent Lew in a thread from August 2003 that no longer appears to be accessible via

Here is Google's cache of that thread.

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I have some matrices, maybe I can try a macro photo like the one from Kent.

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Feel free to use it, a 10 Point ch ligature matrice.

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