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Dear typophile members,

I am new at OpenType, so if my question is a little basic, sorry in advance.

I am working on a OsF version from a font. Looking which characters
use to change from one style to the other I found in Adobe Jenson the next ones:

numbersign dollar percent zero one two three four five six seven eight nine cent sterling yen florin perthousand colonmonetary Euro

But I thought that probably there are some more characters
that should change at least in the vertical position, for example:

Minus multiply less greater etc.

My questions are:
. which is the recommended characters you should change in form or position
to make a complete OsF font style?
. is there any recommended link or tutorial for the correct way to write the otf replacement?

thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards,

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Dario I'm moving this to BUILD for you. -- No, I'm not.

This is probably a very subjective thing, I mean the desire to place some figures for old style use. You could also consider the small caps and what figures become too large when used with them.

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