So I found this book

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goudy book
and purchased it on Ebay for $15.00. I hope it was worth it. Has anyone seen this before?

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so, i guess then that this was a dumb question. /me shoots himself in the head.

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I don't think it was dumb - I just personally am not a huge fan of Goudy. But that might be an interestingly obscure book, since it doesn't ring a [strong] bell.


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thanks hrant.
i was beginning to think i was just a dork or something.

> I just personally am not a huge fan of Goudy.

I am personally a fan of anyone who has the talent, patience, skill and knowledge to create one original letterform, not to mention several complete families of entire alphabets ... including all of you!

you are all inspiration for an aspiring type-nerd. ;)

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The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering isn't too bad, but it's not really about type design. I only paid $3 for it new (Dover edition) about twenty years ago. Of his books, Typologia is better. It gives some insight on his methods of designing and producing a font in metal. It's interesting reading even if you don't care for his designs.

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