Movie title laziness...

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I was watching The Practice earlier, and during one of the commercials I started flipping through, like usual.

I turned on TNT and it was at the beginning of a movie

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Queer Eye often uses Arial for captions.
I found it funny in a geeky sort of way.

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You guys are making me homesick.

Either I see Finnish movies. Or I see American movies dubbed into Finnish without subtitles.

So stop it already.

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Maybe it's like Herring. You have to get used to the "taste"! I watched that (spelling) Moscow. The Reindeer Lord? Quite the flick. I heard that wolf song by that famous Laplander. I owned a wolf, he got old, walked away into the bush and died. The wolf song made me think Shylo came home. Dark as a coal mine these days. Do you get the Northern Lights where you are?

You are close, we should meet one of these days. I am not really as mean and nasty as I pretend. It's just my role. I am supposed to be a bitter old grump.

I never used comic sans or courier when I did subtitles. One face they used lots of at BBC was Lanston's Globe Gothic. It got lots of use.

We have a Bruce Rogers face that was never completed. There was interest in having us complete it for a movie. I worked on lots movies, what a pain.

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I guy from Suomi once asked me if i had a bottle opener. I opened his beer with a knife and his jaw dropped. He didn't know that trick, which made my jaw drop. One would think the Finnish knew all the knife tricks.
I remember very beautiful type in Finnish cemeteries though. And nicely raked patterns.

Gerald, I read your post as 'I have a Bruce Rogers face that was never completed' . (Interpreting 'face' as 'the part of your head that has the most openings' not 'typeface'.) Which is a very cool line.

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When you get to be my age you get a bad case of lazy mouth.

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BTW. When is 'Northern Lights Season'?
I've only been way up North in summer when it's day all the time.

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How far away is Denmark?

Maybe we should have gathering of northern typographers.

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You again? :-) I am getting dizzy.

Northern lights, the spectacular season ends about the beginning of December. This year was cosmically out of this world. The sun was causing electrical disturbances.

Not many northern lights in Summer. If there was you wouldn't see them. I read a book until four in the morning without any lights on.

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Denmark's just around the corner. Just south of Norway and Sweden. A northern typorgraphers gig wouldn't be a bad thing.

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Yeah, I see Microsoft's "Internet" faces used a lot in print.

It would be nice if they were available with a few more goodies -- display weights for the serif fonts, Light and Thin weights for the sans, and small caps and OSF, of course.

Surely Microsoft, as one of the originators of OpenType, will be releasing OT versions of Georgia, Verdana, and Trebuchet, etc.?

Simon, shall I start a petition?

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> It would be nice if they were available with a few more goodies

Yeah. Comic Serif Demi OSF Antique.


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Speaking of impossible, how about a Multiple Master font between the axes of Comic and Chalk?

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"Chris, I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that. I had to blink and look again. Maybe even sadder. I found this valentine's book with nice little thoughts set entirely in trebuchet. Too bad Vince doesn't get royalties on usage. Eh, Vince?"

I wish Trebuchet had a bigger family, I really like it a lot. Though I don't think I'd use it for a valentines day doesn't really scream love.

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What about a half of the movie posters using Trajan?. Maybe Trajan should recieve an Oscar... I wonder which type would win at Cannes.

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But if you follow Finnish Formula-1 drivers as I do, this is really not shocking at all.


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There you have it. We hung a sign asking the dead to lie down so we could distinguish them from the living.

Alcoholic comatose workers would sometimes become victims of premature burials. We had to take the sign down. Lanston actually did have a dead worker in its' office. Rather interesting story. Goudy happened to be at the plant and sent a memo to Sol Hess complaining about the smell. Apparently it was rather varnishy hot in Philadelphia. This was before the USA got bombed in Pearl Harbour. The fellow was an optical genius from Germany parked at Lanston (before my time, be kind now) when we were looking into photocomp. Remember brass was predictably going to be hard to find. I would love to tell the rest of the story but you will have to read the book.

But thanks for the tip Hrant.
I almost missed the end of the article.
Finnish citizens pay among the highest taxes in the world, but enjoy one of the best welfare systems.

I knew I was doing something wrong. I have been missing out on the enjoy.

So we should have this Northern Typographers thinga-ma-jig. Maybe we should start an new thread??

I had always welcomed movie title typography. We only did several but we set and printed many dummy newspapers. I had to invent all manner of headlines and advertisements. One ad I wrote had a rather bold headline.

Wet Nurse Needed

They shot the scene. I must report, movie directors have very good lungs.

When I saw the movie I must admit my face was red as a beet.

In any event I found the workings for the Bruce Rogers' face, I wonder if I should finish it. There are missing characters. A good job would be when you could not tell who did what. But the face is not without its' charms. It would make a great movie title face for the right movie.

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Actually I live in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Deeper than the usual swamp. I am in the Swedish speaking Archipelago.

But otherwise, yes!

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Count me as one in the new founded Northic Type Congress ;-)

Nicolaj - another Dane

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Count this Stockholmer in! Maybe a new thread is in order...

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Chris, I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that. I had to blink and look again. Maybe even sadder. I found this valentine's book with nice little thoughts set entirely in trebuchet. Too bad Vince doesn't get royalties on usage. Eh, Vince?

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