Bannikova (Paratype) [Type Suggestions]

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I'm working on a website design, and I'm currently looking with my client for a font for headings graphics throughout the site.

One of the fonts we considered is Bannikova from Paratype, but in my eye something is wrong with the digitization. It's a beautiful and very unique Soviet typeface designed by Galina Bannikova in the 1950s.

I'll let you guys judge whether the quality is good enough for use in a design (with a little manual kerning). Once again, it's only for some headings to be read on screen. I'd also like to hear suggestion for similar typefaces.

Here are a couple images:

The corresponding Identifont page: Link
I'm especially drawn by the beautiful serifs and "organic" letterforms.

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Any alternatives then?

I was also thinking Stefan H's Anziano, but the lowercase a is maybe too cuddly for my liking (Sorry, I may be punctilious).

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Sure, with some kerning, why not? It's really just a subjective call on your part.

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Suggestions Suggestions Suggestions :)

By the way, we're running into a deadline and I'm relatively happy with the book weight of Bannikova. I don't only need to tweak the kerning, I even have to position some of the letters vertically. Like, consider the uppercase "B" in this example.

By the way, here's how Bannikova was probably supposed to look before digitization: Link (I only need the western alphabet, though).

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>the lowercase a is maybe too cuddly for my liking
and the c of bannikova isn't?
I find it charming but it seems like a lot of extra work to get the best out of it although screen representations are not always completely accurate.

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We don't have the C in native Finnish words.

The lowercase "k" is also "cuddly" but retains a sort of dignity.

It's only 10-15 heading images around the website. Screen typography is so easy because of the low resolution, it's mostly only a question of style. Don't have to worry that much about legibility problems, eye flow or stuff like that.

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