Favorite magazine masthead (logo-type) Battle Royal

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(a bit of fun)

What is everyone's favorite magazine masthead?
They can be from current publications or from old.

How about...

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In short sentences, in display settings, especially in short words, ligatures almost always call too much attention to themselves.

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> In short sentences, in display settings, especially in short words, ligatures almost always call too much attention to themselves.

Yes, though it this case a ligature might help the Economist masthead look less like 'just a typeface' and more like an ownable logotype. It really is quite bland.

Great cover great masthead (...logotype ; )

I always loved Rolf Mullers HQ too.

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These are really great.

Can I add that I meant in standard roman upright typefaces to my comment about ligatures? :^>

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I'm dragging all of these into my Typography inspiration folder.

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edit.(actually, that Relax masthead is pretty poorly realized, it should be redrawn by Underware)

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V Magazine.
I think it's an ingenious use of a logo. They always have stunning covers.

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tried toget a picture up but my codings rubbish lol so heres a link


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Don't forget iD magazine and that cheeky winking face.


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New York Times Magazine and a beautiful Black Letter T
Crash (v French no?)

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Very good examples here. I like "V" - is it actual magazine and where can be found?

What do you think about this heading?

This was a project of redesigned layout for hairdressers company mag (never released) done few years ago with a custom typeface I'm still workin' on.


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I like the hair fashion mag - let us know when you finish the typeface!

Has anyone noticed that the lass on Juggs looked similar to Juliette Lewis?

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Aleksander, your masthead is so Studio 54, love it! thanks

(re.'V magazine', try Google, top of the list) ; )

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I never read the magazine, but the covers and masthead were quite nice. Alas, it's dead now.

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The flag is very nice, but having the coverlines bleed to the edge is only a trick and not very logical.

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Richard Doyle did the design when he was 24, and it was used for 105 years.

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- warm and personal, with a whole lot of character.

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What about Jugend? Was just reading up on it and thought it interesting. Although if the logo changed with each periodical I am not sure how I could label a non constant logo as a favorite... Except that it's change is one of the things I like about it.

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Or Maybe Ver Sacrum:

typographische mitteilungen Is very nice as well. But I can't find any images of it on the web.

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I still love the sixties EYE magazine

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That Eye cover is hilarious!

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I dig the current GQ masthead. That Nova one's a doozey.

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NO magazine by Halvor Bodin. Fantastic.

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I love NO as well.

I also love Toro.

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@wormwood: The older Sunset masthead flows much better than the new. The new feels like a forced design that retains the older qualities into a new logo-type.

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