From Illustrator to TypeTool - What's going on? And spacing...

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Hi all,

Thanks to all who've given me some contructive feedback on my typeface, so far.

I've draw the glyphs in Illustrator CS2. Then saved them down a Illustrator 8 EPS files to import into TypeTool. (All Mac OSX.)

Anyway, see the picture of how the figures have appeared so far. All are fine except uppercase A and B - you'll notice the glyphs are solid. The line/contour for the spaces are there but i don't know how to "knock out" the black. Any idea what i can do here?

I've double checked the paths in Illustrator, and there are definitely not solid, although they do consist of overlaying objects. I've been trying to use the Pathfinder/Shape Modes but I can't achieve anythign better. If I could fix the problem in Illustrator that would make my life much easier.

The other problem I have is spacing. If I install the font as is, each character sits right next to each other with no space. Ho do I create the spacing? Is it simply a case of moving the guides in TypeTool to the left and right ever so slightly?

Thanks in advance

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Hi there,

I am not an expert in type tool, and have only used fontographer a few times, but I do remember reading somewhere that it is important to specify which direction the lines are drawn. I think I came across the same problem when I drew a few letters, it filled in the glyphs, so I redrew them in a different direction and it sorted it out.

I am sure the guys on here can give you a much better answer though.


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You will need to close all the paths, and then make compound path.

The average and join commands will allow you to repair the paths, but experiment with the average and make sure you don't distort the stroke weight.

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Path direction is key. As noted above, all paths must be closed. Paths within paths like the counter of an o inside the outer border--need to wrap in opposite direction. Starting with counterclockwise trhen the inner one becomes clockwise. I don't know TypeTool but there must be a command to set postscript or truetype path direction in it somewhere.

You must do your own spacing. I assume you can drag the sidebearings in and out in TypeTool. There surely must be a screen where you can type them in as well. Quantities may vary, if you try this at home, know that it takes practice a some skill to get it right.


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Thanks for the info.
I finally figured out what I'd done wrong... there were actually two paths within the original Illustrator file! Grr! Thankfully I've fixed it and the uppercase A and B are fine now!
I do need to close all paths for other characters - this must be something I've done in illustrator (again) - I get a warning each time i generate the font.

As with the spacing I can drag the sidebearings, so I'll try that. (Need to tweak the glyphs first - I've taken a disliking the lowercase f and the uppercase G.) There is a screen for adjustments within Font Info, I think, will double check.

Cheers, Russ.

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Use that outline mode as well as the preview. It makes repairing line work much easier.

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