Simple Typographic Exercises

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I've once seen a page with a few typographic exercises for typo newbies. I'm looking for some simple tasks like "what font would fit best with what shoe", etc.

Anyone knows the site or knows of another similar one?


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There is a page like that in Stop Stealing Sheep.

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Thanks, Spiekermann's book also came to my mind first - I read it a while ago. I was wondering if there is something similar on the web somewhere?

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Mark Jamra has set up several resources for Type Educators on his website.

Incidentally, one of the sessions during the "Type & Design Education Forum" this Thursday at TypeCon will be "Best of Type Exercises" where Mark Jamra, Ilene Strizver, myself and other educators will share, discuss and explore new possibilities for typographic exercises in group discussions with attendees.

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Thats an interesting letter builder exercise. Click on 1.0 from the drop down to view the animation.

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