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Hello all.
I've made this t-shirt for VC(Visual Communication) students here at NID. Please give feedback on the design. Specially on the typography, colors and the composition.
Also give some Typo Tips on this kind of designs.

thanks a lot
Graphic Design Student
National Institute of Design

***I've edited this post..was being toooo long. sorry.

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I like it! It's modern, tredy, great color scheme, also! The front part is just a little hard to read. I'd suggest using Ss instead of Zs, like for ViSuals, though. You need to keep it professional.

-- David

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Your 'i' needs a dot, especially in "nid" - it reads as "md". Maybe a straight 'i' without the angle would work better.

- Lex

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thanks lex and fathairyape..for the comments.
I'll correct that 'i' in nid..its really looks md..i didn't noticed that.
and fathairyape, I'll change Zs to Ss for sure.

thanks again

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