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Hi, I'm working for the Oxford University Press and we are currently looking for freelance typographical designers to take on projects for our Academic Division. Ideally we are looking for people with at least three years experience, perhaps previous academic book publishing experience, photoshop (some experience), Quark (lots of experience), the projects will involve text and plate work. If anyone is interested please send a CV and samples of work to the email address I have set up: typographers_oup@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

Nadiah Al-Ammar
(Academic EDP, Oxford University Press)

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- Diese Nachrichtenempfänger wurden vom Mail-Server bereits verarbeitet:
typographers_oup@hotmail.co.uk; Fehlgeschlagen; 5.1.1 (fehlerhafte Adresse der Ziel-Mailbox)

Entferntes MTA pamx1.hotmail.com: SMTP-Diagnose: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

This e-mail address dosen't seem to be valid?!?

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Sorry, I've just created it so I had to sign in to activate it- which I have now done. It should be fine now!

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Still looking! Anyone else?

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Hang in there Nadia. A lot of members are at a conference this week, and may get back to you early next week when they get home and review the forum messages they have missed.

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