All The President's Fonts

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I wonder if we can help out our cousins over at Speakup by suggesting the fonts the White House should use on their new plasmatastic press briefing room 'telescreen'

Mr Snow asks that we keep suggestions "fair and balanced".

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Comic Sans, of course. Set kerning to "fair and balanced."

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I've got to say, the new M$ Vista fonts - Candara, Cambria, & Consolas, in particularly - have made my screen reading MUCH easier...


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Maybe iot is better if they can't read what is on the screen.


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Thanks Michael, Great suggestions ;-) But I wonder if the White House will require that the fonts be US made. If so then Candara might be a good choice, you just don't get any more American than Gary Munch! But where will they find a US-made plasma to display the type on?

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>But where will the find a US-made plasma to display the type on?

Found it - the most recent TV made in the USA...

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