Experiments with Silom.

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I think Silom is a quite useful font to build type images with. Here I made one, in some variations:

All critique is welcome.

btw: I tried to find some info on the Silom typeface, but I couldn't find too much. Only thing I know, is that it's standard on Mac, though not used too often. (Or am I completely wrong with that?)
Anyway, I like to play with it.

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Interesting! will work well in the posters..
but whats written there?? "typographyissoyesterday"(inverted in first two)???

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That it says, indeed.

Is it still quite readable?

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yeah ..for me its readable but not legible though.
...keep experimenting...


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>Is it still quite readable?
No, I think searching for the first y shape in typography is hindering me.

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Thought it could be an idea to break the letters up, in order to get new ones:

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I don't know if I'm getting somewhere, but I like it when new shapes arise just by changing and combining the chunks:

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