Typography in 3D Space

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I am trying to figure out a way to render typography into a 3D plane. I am able to do it in photoshop by rasterizing the text and then transforming its perspective. I have also tried it in Illustrator using the 3D effect. I am not completely happy with my results yet. I would prefer to take a text frame and put it into perspective and then have the ability to edit the copy.

Has anyone had any great luck at this? Should I try 3D software.... if so which one?


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Where you are setting the type on a flat plane, 3d software won't give you much advantage over Photoshop or Illustrator. You can really achieve any perspective you want with a non-affine transformation (where you can drag the corners of the transform box independently).

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If you are interested in more complicated effects, 3d apps will get you there, but there is a pretty big learning curve, and an even steeper price curve. A good place to start for price/features is the open source 3d app Blender [ http://blender.org ], but it will take a while to figure out the interface.

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