Which is your favorite logo_?

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Hello Typophiles,

Please link your favorite logo(s) to the thread and show us what you liked the most.

Here is mine so far.

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too many great logos to make any kind of definitive list, but here are a few favorites (some sadly no longer around). i tend to like logotypes from yesteryear, and usually ones that are very simple at first glance but very effective and iconic (like the Bell and CBS logos below).

(AT&T/Bell, by Saul Bass 1971)

(CBS, by William Golden 1958)

(Eastern Airlines, by Lippincott & Marguiles 1965)

(Mayflower Transit, by J.R. Kaltenbach & Associates)

(Pepsi Cola, circa 1905/1906)

(Warner Communications, by Saul Bass 1972)

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Look back at the Ontario Hydro logo, folks (middle of page 2). It has an O, an H and an E (electricity). And the full logo had the words ONTARIO HYDRO coming at an angle from the upper left to the logo at the lower right, forming a power cord to what looks very much like a electrical plug.

Genius ... and yet we get three men in a hot tub from our provincial government.

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yet we get three men in a hot tub from our provincial government

It has been said many times, you get what you pay for… no, wait…

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Does anyone have a larger version available of Pierre Bernard's amazing (and influential, ahem 'Unilever') logo for Parcs Nationaux de France.

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I like the new Unilever rather a lot as well.
From those shown her I really still dig the «Wolle»-Logo.

Also, I still like the idea behind the Apple Logo.

HD Schellnack

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i remember you posted quite a good explanation on why you like it and how logos/CIs can set a standard for a company to live up to on www.fontblog.de, herr schellnack…

anyway, here's a not so recent fave of mine…

p.s. funny, i didn't realize until now that it doesn't even show a mammoth, it's just a simple elephant – doh!

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I use to drink 'chai" made of pure milk. I drinks more than 15 cups a day..kind of addicted to it. Tea and type are the only thing are closest to me....Im sure I'll have my company name something like..Tea&Type or Tea For Type or something like that.

Let's chai!


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How about "Take T and C Type"


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thats would be interesting dez...anyone else wanna say sum thing??

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I'd go with a classic:
Mother and Child by that amazing Herb Lubalin. I swear he's a genious.
(i don't know how to show a picture here)

i also love many of herb lubalin's and saul bass works.

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by vaughan oliver

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I like the new logo for USA Network:

Of the five different logos that the cable station has had since 1980, this is the first one that I've liked.

Actually, I like their whole "Characters Welcome" makeover, including the use of Gotham as their signature typeface.

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herb lubalin’s Mother and child identity is great....

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Satya, it's so cool to see logos I've never seen before. Thanks!
It's kind of difficult to judge logos that have been around for ages, like MacDonalds for example or Coca-Cola. They are simply all over the planet, so it's hard to give an objective opinion on issues such as legibility.I think.

And now ladies and gentlemen: after the campaign to fight hunger, yet another brilliant use of the Brazilian flag.

Voila': UFO-freedom of information now!

By the way, your new B&W avatar is cool but whatever happened to your sexy hairy chest?

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Jem asked:
"Does anyone have a larger version available of Pierre Bernard’s amazing (and influential, ahem ‘Unilever’) logo for Parcs Nationaux de France."

There is a pdf featuring a vector-based version at this page:
I opened it in Illustrator and it has some horizontal slices through it.

I would hate to have to cut that logo out of vinyl. The Unilever logo may be derivative, but it would be bit easier (not very) to use in sign applications.


I'm a nut for techie stuff involving movies. I don't know who designed the Dolby "double d" logo, but it is one of the world's most recognizeable brand marks.

My favorite movie tech logo is one used for the 70mm film projection format. Again, I don't know who designed it. The first time I noticed the design was on ads for "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" back in the early 1980s.

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Well, I was waiting for others to add additional replies, so as not to appear like I was monopolizing the thread. But I couldn't wait. There's a few things that I wanted to get out there in response to some stuff previously posted.

Jem and Terry Biddle offered the excellent BP logo redesign. Here's a couple images of that logo made REALLY BIG on the side of a fuel storage tank in Cushing, Oklahoma:

Samadam posted an example of the US Air Force's new logo. Although that example appeared to use something different from the Arial type we were mandated to use in putting together this sign:

IMHO, Arial never looked any better than in stainless steel chrome type like this. Normally I really hate Arial, but this isn't all that bad. Note, this photo was taken when the sign was finshed and loaded on the beat up trailer and headed to the job site. If I can get around to taking a picture of the finished sign in its installed state I'll do it and post it here.

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Hmmm, and they said the resolution on that BP logo had to be 300 ppi.


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That was a gas Don! :-)


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I liked this logo I did for a magazine.

I thought the subliminal heart shape worked quite well for the title.

Unfortunately the client played safe.

Nick Cooke

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Nick, Sometimes clients just get heartburn :-)


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another favorite is actually the official logo of my hometown, which i've loved for as long as i can remember. it's just so clean, effective and striking. i don't know how long they've had it, but it's been around for as long as i can remember and i still think it's a fresh, modern design.

(the city's name begins with an S, and the dragon has been the symbol/guardian of the city for many hundreds of years.)

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Quite a bit better than mine, claes!

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Re: The FedEx Logo....My daughter who just got a Business degree told me one of her classes had a long discussion on the arrow between the "E" and the "x"....

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You are right Andi! It is really cutting-edge stuff.


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Wow, and the title lettering isn't set in Trajan either.

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i hope you're being sarcastic.

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I would say her comment was tongue-in-cheek but given the graphic she points too, that might be a tasteless comment:-) (forgive me Andi, I can't pass up a joke!)


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> I would say her comment was tongue-in-cheek but given the graphic she points too, that might be a tasteless comment:-) (forgive me Andi, I can’t pass up a joke!)

Yes a tad literal.

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lol! cutting edge! Well, I thought the joke was funny!

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Tim's comment on August 1 that the new BP logo and image was an attempt to "pass themselves off as somehow more environmentally concerned just by a rebrand" and that "the whole premise seems shallow and cynical" seems to have been borne out by recent events on Alaska's North Slope. Perhaps the company should have spent less on those lavish full color ads in national newspapers...and more on maintaining the leaky pipes in Alaska...see:



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I've always liked the plane+F in the Finnair logo
This is the more recent one:

I don't like it as much as this original one:

They make nice use of the plane in their print ads

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How could they possibly afford that?
I'm still fulminating.

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The logo for Finnair, for some odd reason, reminds me of the logo for the long dead Eastern Airlines.

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Eastern Airlines:

Yes, something familiar about it!

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I've always liked logos you can read while standing on your head.

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Totally agree on the BP's rebranding issue. I wonder how the designer must feel and how many similar cases there are around.

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"Totally agree on the BP’s rebranding issue. I wonder how the designer must feel and how many similar cases there are around." - lore

Well, like i said earlier in the thread, obviously Esso and Shell have the same kind of hypocritcal branding and there must be lots of others. I would think the designers don't feel too much at all. Just think of the cash and the prestige.

The Unilever logo everyone seems to love so much is one of the worst examples. I would like to have been at the design meeting for that one...

Unilever: "We want something soft and friendly and fluffy, maybe with natural things in it, like birds and flowers and splashes and shells and fish."

Designer: "Why the hell would you want that? You're a massive international corporation that make chemical cleaning products which end up down the sink and pollute the rivers and oceans. And on top of that you actively promote a climate of hygienic fear so more people will use your products unnecessarily. Oh, and don't you produce nutritionally dubious processed and frozen foods too?"

Unilever: "Yes, true enough. But we don't want the public realising that. And there's $100,000 in it for you, if you do an extra smokey new smokescreen for us"

Designer: "Oh. OK then. Eerrr, one or two palm trees?"

Unilever: "Just the one thanks."

Can i be sued for posting that?

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You are right about Shell and Esso although they did develop a long-running theme to reach their present appearances. BP on the other hand took, at their agency's suggestion, the opportunity of a merger to position themselves as a more environmentally concerned company. And, apparently (over a small sample) it works, "In categories not typically synonymous with Green, such as Automotive and Petroleum, consumers did identify companies they consider more positively aligned with the environment. Toyota was favored over both BMW and GM as a more Green car brand, and BP was identified as more Green than Exxon." Taken from,

As for Unilever Miles Newlyn sometimes posts here you could ask him, he answers some questions here

Wolff Olins no longer mention Unilever on their client list.

Ulitmately we are all corporate whores:), I have worked on some logos for clients who really leave a nasty taste in the mouth. Edit:(sorry this wasn't intended to be a pun on the previous phrase)

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" we are all corporate whores:)"

Isn't this the same in every profession? Think about doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, or lawyers! All those cool architects, too busy being "interesting people" to care about the state of our cities or god forbid social inclusion. I think professionals in every field have the opportunity to become corporate whores at some point. Call me Polyanna but I'm sure there is a way to carry on your work according to your personal values without necessarily starve to death.
Jon, I love the meeting scenario, reminds me a bit of that crappy film Good Will Hunting where matt damon goes for an interview with Nasa or something...

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Best sports team logo? Brewers. Why on Earth would you get rid of this one?

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I like the new Bahamas logo, especially the way it's used in the identity: each shape can be used individually to promote the island it represents. Colorful and fun, like the destination itself.

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The Bahames logo is indeed very cool! I have a book that shows the entire creative process of the logo & identity. Very nice!

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Best logo in the world bar none...

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My favorite team. Go, Gunners!

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Two of my favourites:


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The Bahames logo is indeed very cool! I have a book that shows the entire creative process of the logo & identity. Very nice!

I've got that book, too. Good stuff.

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Even i have this book but never
noticed the beauty of this logo....very nice.


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