Which is your favorite logo_?

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Hello Typophiles,

Please link your favorite logo(s) to the thread and show us what you liked the most.

Here is mine so far.

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why do you like it? It's a bit dull.

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Oh. Uh. Perhaps this is the favorite created by Satya.

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Tag Heuer

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> Oh. Uh. Perhaps this is the favorite created by Satya.

Ah, you could be right.

Satya, please show us your other logos and we'll pick our favorite ;-)

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I think the SC bit is pretty clever. The use of type, however, is dull, dull, dull.

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The one I designed for the Richmond Riverdogs of BSUK

They are the fourth team and descendents from the Flames.

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I'm agree that the colors are dull but why the colors shulld always be bright in the logo?
i liked the form and the colors..and its not created by me.


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So many to choose from...
I'm a big fan of the Carlsberg-logo & the Trabant typography.
Music-wise I find the Tool wrench-logo quite clever & Jamiroquai's buffalo-man still looks great after all these years.
Lance Wyman's logo for the Minnesota zoo was also very nice.

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If fashion and longevity were any sort of guide, then the crucifix must rate pretty highly.
Its flexibility is quite staggering. Does anyone know exactly what it symbolises anymore?
It's always a joy to see one encrusted with diamonds on the exposed cleavage of some absurdly wealthy celebrity.

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I did this logo in the early 70s for now defunct combination fast-food resturaunt and computer game arcade. It was a fast food deli with a bunch of Pakman games around.


PS: it was hand drawn in the old school way :-)

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I always thought the now defunct Hartford Whalers had the best sports logo ever. I seem to remember it won some TDC award years ago.

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Here is another old school hand drawn one which didn't fly as a logo.


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I still like my old Water Quality symbol from ther late 80s (hand drawn too).


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That Whalers logo is sweet! I never saw it before. Who did it James?


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I have no idea who drew the logo Chris. The TDC has a complete collection of the annuals, so the next time I'm over there I'll try to look it up.


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I’m a big fan of the Carlsberg-logo

i had to use the carlsberg-logo for an event which carlsberg was a sponsor of, and i gotta say, its pretty hard to allign with other, not that fluid logos. that can be a good and a bad thing and i dont think that logos should be designed with that as a maintarget, but its the reality and this logo doesnt perform too well those certain circumstances.

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this is also in my favorite list.

singapore Airlines

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THis one is nice too.

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The Singapore Airlines logo is very nice!
As for the Carlsberg logo, I've never really had to use it professionally, but I can imagine it might be hard to align with other logos. But in its own right, it looks fabulous.
The Batman logo is also a classic in my book ;-)

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Armin Hofman's Swiss Expo


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only winners wear Puma!

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This one is cool:

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we did Standard Chartered.. too...

but I prefer the one I designed the letters for, MOS.

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I always loved the Vision On logo from the 1970's BBC kids TV programme.

I thought it was really clever, and it inspired me to become a type designer.


Nick Cooke

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Vision On
…“I'm sorry but we will not be able to return your pictures" and that music ahh memories.
A favourite of mine now discontinued thanks to privatisation

and at the risk of appearing a trainspotter I like the Underground logo.

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Done by TelDesign in 1968...


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Done by me, four years ago.

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And this one I did in 2001.


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Chris, the Fetso's logo is marvelous. I like your humor in graphic design. You must love what you do.

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Appologies for the accompanying type but this logo is probably the one I am most satisfied with from my own efforts. The infinity sign within the recycling theme seems strong to me and for whatever it is worth I still like this after several years now.

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I like this..but looks more like transport company logo.

very much like we have for
Delhi transport corporation :)
designed at NID.

Don't know who inspired by whome ;)

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vinceconnare ...
so you did standard chartered logo??...very nice..i really liked it.

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NID(my school) logo was designed by Adrian Frutiger. I likes this one too.

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I've like this one for years. Canadian National (formerly Railroad).

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Ha, Don, you beat me to it. i was just about to post the CN logo..

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I like this one, and I think it matches the airforce perfectly, without showing all the dieing and whatnot that can be expected.

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Wish I had a bigger version of the Heavenly logo. I've always admired it.

Also like the UTZ logo. It has been mentioned on typophile before and their chips are great!

btw, great idea for a thread satya :)

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The sublimininal arrow in the FedEx is nice, but the way they let the e and d droop so far below the baseline at large sizes is very irritating. What's good at 12 pt can be horrific at three feet tall on the side of a truck.

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Honestly, the Milwaukee Power Tools logo is one of my favorites. I have a place in my heart for the old school charm, simplicity, and honesty. Although, I may be biased just because I'm from Wisconsin.

Here are a couple of other little goodies.

Here’s a recent one of my own for a political candidate last fall. Simple enough to do the job. I'm almost positive this was the first time a candidate had been represented by a letter mark in this area. As it turned out, she did end up winning the race.

And finally, here’s the logo I want to love, but just can’t. Something doesn’t “seem right” about that ligature. Always irked me, but I love their bikes anyway.

DOGG : : :

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The most underated public transportation logotype ever, the Muni worm.
Design: Walter Landor

(and it has its own crappy font!: http://www.down10.com/fonts/muni.html)

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satya-- Dalton Maag made it I think before I was there and probably Ron Carpenter made it. I do most of the techny final bollocks but occasionally do some logos. I prefer python to paths anyday.

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Sony Walkman, CNBC and Hyundai Motors....Very nice

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