plz critique my letters intergration.

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this was one of my class assignment of basic graphic design..the brief was to integrate the two initials of my name. so i took S and N as my name is Satya Narayan. Plz give feedback..are they fine or do i work further on this.

thanks a lot.
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Added on 02.Aug.06

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Really lovely, Satya. Have you tried moving the S to the right a bit? Your N could be too wide.

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thanks for the comment stephen..will try it for sure..

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hello Satya

new i opened this forum i directly opened the picture without reading the text.
what i saw first was a S and a V, and then i saw a S and a Y. but i did not see S and N.

but later when i read the text i noticed that it must be S and N.

did you notice that?


Pascal Zoghbi
MD type & Media

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pascal ..i think you are right...what can i do?

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Maybe letters are too thick? Have you tried with thinner letters? Or only one of them?

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Here is the few of my initial explorations I tried while the course were going on...My teacher liked few of them and asked me to pick one and work on that further...and this(the one which i mentioned at the top) was my final result.

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Nice batch of sketches.

I agree with Pascal; I saw an S and V at first as well. I think it has to do with that bottom left piece. It might need a horizontal line (instead of a curve) on the bottom, to serve as the beginning of the N. You could try minimizing the S more. Make it thinner possibly. You've got to play with the form of that bottom piece so it conveys the N more instantly.

Otherwise, it's a pretty good integration. A few tweaks and you should have it.

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The bottom left sketch is quite strong. I read Sn, right away.

If it helps, this sketch also reminds me of the typeface Futura Display

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I saw "SN" in the first post immediately. I think it looks great.

- Lex

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Lex you must have 3 eyes ;)
thanks for the comment....but most of people told me that they looks S and V at first sight. and i think its true. working on the form.

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I think it is a beautiful solution. Your design really works with me, as the black parts function as some mysterious letter sign on its own.

Puzzling and elegant.

(Nice sketches, too.)

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Final integration From my side....
plz critique if there's any.

thank you all for the nice feedback.


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It's wonderful, satya.

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THanks stephen..its because of you guys only.

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Kind of off topic but how come recently some people's avatars are about twice the size of everyone else's even though there's supposed to be a dimensions limit?

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it happens with gif format i think.

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Why the sketches we create are always better than the final?

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because they are not finals.

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Agreed, sim. When thoughts are originally portrayed by hand there's a certain quality that's lost when it's digitized. I remember when Tom Cannon posted his Aquaholic boat illustration, it was a prime example.

Satya: Weird cause mine's a GIF too!

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OK david try this.
make your avatar in photoshop...choose some bigger dimensions(like mine 110x68) and then save it as CompuServe GIF..It will work.

but dont make your avatar of size 1024x768 ;)

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Ah, I thought typophile was resizing it. I don't mind the size constraints, just wondering really.

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Satya, your design looks really nice. By the way, (this is a bit late) I immeditely saw S and N without a trace of doubt. And you had such useful tips from everyone too. The final one looks really good.

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A bit late, but it looks nice. Although I too had difficulty seeing the N at first.

Just on a sidenote, you could also have traced one of your hand drawn sketches, and tweak it. Instead of using fonts I mean. With exisiting letterforms, you maybe are a bit more limited in the ways to solve the problem. Or is that what you did?

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No it was not done with a font..i traced it from one of my drawing and then i took it forward...thank you.

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looks great. the sketch of this concept is (in my opinion) much stronger.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design, Melbourne

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I think I have to agree with Ratbaggy there!

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Paul Ducco
Motion Design, Melbourne

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