Yves, ID this rimshot for me man:-)

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This was one I tried to answer yesterday when everything was going into the Twilight Zone. I think it's likely custom, but if you want to re-create it, my suggestion was to use Red Rooster's Radiant Heavy (with Alternates) and then slant it. The alternate letterforms have a better match for the U, also, with symmetrical wide strokes. Of course you need to tweak some ;)

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks Mike! I think you snared the rascal. I was kinda hopin' Yves would come off his hi-hat and stick this one for me. Maybe it was just too rudimentary for him?


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Bullet is similar too...

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Drummer jokes are lost on most people... ;^) :^D

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I just wanted to "give the drummer some" Yves. (B^)>

But you don't look a bit like Elvin Jones!


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