Emigre Tarzana Applications

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I want to use Zuzana's Tarzana on a corporate ID. Does anyone know any good aplication of this type? Yves, you also love this font, anything for me on this?

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I like orbitz.com - or have moved away from Tarzana?


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I guess they moved away from it. I can only see a Vegas banner with Tarzana :-) I'll also do the site, but I'm mainly interested on Tarzana on print (italics and regular).

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The identity for the 2000 "National Design Triennial: Design Culture Now" used tarzana quite well as the main signature typeface. It really capitalized on the 3 like form of the uppercase "E" The website for it can be found here.
(it is also used it in the animated intro page)

The book that accompanied the exhibition also used Tarzana. The book is called "Design Culture Now: National Design Triennial" you can have a closer look at the book on amazon.com

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Adriano, if you can get CVS products you will see a good use of Tarzana. Maybe at their website they have pictures.

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