Handwriten/script looking font

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Hello! Please help!!
I did not get answer from forum at myfonts, so I am posting it here. You guys seem so awesome...

Thanks in advance.

type.tif (115.7 k)

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Here's Misa's sample:


There are a couple of subtle differences between the two s's and the two e's that make me think it's handlettered.

A great commercial font in a somewhat similar vein, though noticeably different, is Spring:


I do love this style of handlettering, though, especially when it's done in (or paired with) watercolor. See this page of Jill Bell's portfolio. She's fantastic.

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Thank you for your imput!

I had to scan the logo on buff paper and this writing was in bright green... So this image might have been altered a bit. On original two 'e's look pretty close. 's's are similar, too.
So I really hope there is a font exist somewhere, because I really don't want to re-draw these.

Thank you!

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Even though this is

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There is something really close to this at a
foundry who's name I can't remember! So
helpful! It's the one with all the display types
for signage. Their most famous one is called
truckstop or something. The sample I saw
was made to look like Kraft salad dressing
packaging. The type was almost this as I
recall. Someone please help my brain.


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See, I'm not loosing my mind. :-)
I think that's about as close as you're going to
get. I concure that this is hand lettered, but I
bet if you used the roughen filter in Illustrator
you could get a close enough match.


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Hmmm... reminds me of John Benson's script package
for Adobe. There's some Bronx in there, although that
one's semi-connected. Or some Rapier, which is too slick.

ITC Skylark is similar in atmosphere, it has the same energy.
ITC Arid is too loose.

I also think it's handlettered, BTW.

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