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I am working on designing a logo for a new youth hockey league. I've "test-driven" about 2500 fonts today and none of them feel quite right. The request is to make it feel very contemporary or very classic. Here a couple of logos that they gave me to review

blues wolves
these are the more modern ones

bombers cubs
these 2 are more retro style

Most youth hockey logos are really bad. Keep in mind that the type must be readable on a jersey as well as a small pin. The name of the team is the


(one of the fonts I'm considering). My brain is getting fried. Does anyone have any fonts they would like to offer up as possible ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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What city is the Capitals from? As for the samples the bottom two look like baseball logos. The Chicago Blues logo uses a good regional device a note symbol. If you are lucky maybe you have something as distictive like a Capital Dome.

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Thanks for your input. The Capitals are from Indianapolis (it used to be a professional league here in the 40s). I know the logos look like baseball, but they are youth hockey logos and are modern versions of old hockey logos. I have plenty of great artwork, I just can't find the fonts that really fit with the "look" they're trying to achieve. The Capitals had 2 logos (one is shown below-they didn't put the name of the team on their jersey just the picture) and the other one was just a big C with the player's number in it. All the current youth travel league teams are named after former professional Indianapolis hockey teams. They thought about just using the Washington Capitals logo, but decided they wanted something unique. I am also trying to incorporate the an updated version (just bits and pieces of it) of our states flag's torch (which I will also show below). The look they want is modern with a possible nostalgic feel, cool but classic. They want to project an image that they represent up-to-date hockey teaching backed by the history of Indianapolis hockey. I do appreciate all input. Thanks!


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Jukebox is an indie font company. He has some styles that have a sports feel like Fenway. Also try Font Diner

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Thank you very much! I have several of the font diner font packages, but I didn't know about the other site. I will check it out.

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> Jukebox is an indie font company.

Just a small correction Daniel...

The Jukebox foundry was acquired by Veer back in October { press release }. Jason Walcott, the proprietor of JAWarts, still designs and develops the faces for us. I'd like to mention that Fenway is definitely one of the most popular faces in the collection.

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You know that M Carter has a font called "Fenway", right? It's used in Sports Illustrated and BusinessWeek.


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Actually, the Jukebox face is named Fenway Park, not simply Fenway.

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