Lagom sans

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This is something I have been fiddling around with today. I don't yet have all the letters, so this is almost everything I have so far. Any thoughts/comments/improvements? Worth continuing?

This is my first "serious" typeface, so be gentle ;)

BTW, is this font

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nice work. I especially like lc "g", "o", "r".
some of the shapes however do not seem to got together in same face. "f" is very heavy on top, "s" needs some work, although "a" and 's" will properly work well together somehow they look different from the rest.
Keep up the good work..look forward to seeing refinements.

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I like your 'g' but I think the verticals in the 'h' 'b' are a bit too strong, maybe because of teh large eye in the 'b'.
But overal it's a pretty good idea I think

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regarding the h and b ascenders, you might consider tapering the tops like the t. that would definitely lighten them, and i don't think it would be inconsistent. but it may make them appear "pointy" at small sizes. it may also contribute to an overall "forward" motion.

you might want to consider moving the tapering stroke of the a to the bottom, to lighten up that joint near the baseline, and let the upper portion of the bowl remain (optically) monoline.

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