"Can not embed fonts" in Illustrator

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Whenever I save a document in Illustrator using my own fonts I get an error. It doesn't seem to affect anything, nor on screen or print, so I'm not sure what it means, but nonetheless it's a bit annoying:

Could not embed font (FONT NAME). Protected fonts can not be embeded.

I'm using Fontographer 4.14, and Illustrator 9 for PC.

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The problem is that your fonts have a font embedding setting that is either nonsense/garbage or says they can't be embedded.

My first recommendation would be to get a real font editor, like FontLab, TypeTool or FontMaster. Fontographer hasn't been updated in about 7 years, so there's not much hope they'll fix this.

Failing that, do a search on Macromedia's web site for a tech doc on font embedding settings. On the Mac version of Fontographer there is some sort of hack to fix this, and presumably there is on Windows as well.



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I had the same Problem with PDF embedding and I solved it with a little tool on the MS Website. You can edit all "font info" with it and also change the level of embedding.

Here's the link


There is also a tech doc on the macromedia website, but it tells you merely to use the tool from MS.



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Thanks a million for the information guys. The font properties extension solved my problem.

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