Open Letter to the Keepers of the Old Font Collections

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What if the J. Crew catalogue still showed all their stone-washed jeans from the 80s. You know, just in case someone wanted them.

I don't want my last post in the Beginning a Font Collection thread to leave a negative tone, (it's the holidays for cryin' out loud.) So, I have a recommendation for the shepherds of the big, old collections at Bitstream, Linotype, Adobe, ITC, etc. (Nick, you won't mind me piggybacking off your earlier observation?)

1 Weed out the duds / oldies immediately. (Come on, you know which ones, they match those tweed jackets with the elbow patches.)

2 In 12 years re-release them as a retro pack. You're just sitting on a gold mine that just has to age for a while. In the meantime you'll be helping keep Hobo off our streets (pun fully intended).

What foundries already do this? I know the good stock photo agencies do. They have to for their own credibility. (Oh, and Getty, if you're listening, Photodisc is ripe for the "archive" bin.)

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