Agfa Monotype Adds Over 600 Products to From Three Foundries

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Agfa Monotype Adds Over 600 Products to From Three Foundries

Wilmington, Mass. and Salfords, Surrey, England, Dec. 17, 2003 - Agfa Monotype Corp. has introduced more than 600 fonts and font packages on The new collections from Cape Arcona, International TypeFounders and Martin Wait can be viewed at

"Expanding our product offering has always been our top priority for," said Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Agfa Monotype. "Our vast selection of fonts and our long list of type foundries ensure that visitors will find what they're looking for."

Cape Arcona is a foundry headed by Thomas Schostok and Stefan Claudius, the king and president, respectively, and they've channeled their sense of humor into designing typefaces.For example, the movie poster lettering of the 1962 James Bond film, "Dr. No", inspired the Cape Arcona typeface, No Dr.(tm). The 22 fonts and font packages are available in Macintosh


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Could you maybe show us what font you're talking about?...


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Sand is credited to Font Bureau but is not sold by Font Bureau. It is bundled by Apple.

grunge/casual scrawl

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Yep, Sand is one of those display faces that have been around so long that they've taken on the reputation of being an amateur's font. Impact would be another one. Yuck.

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I would have called it "Puke".


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