Kautiva is not unicase

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Sometimes I feel like I need a font that works in this way. Not exactly a unicase but still a font that let me play in big display words ... or better you can call it pure trendy, stilysh, etc...
I began with a few letters and I think that now I m almost satisfied with the result. That is why i put my font here, because you will destroy my illusions :-)))
Seriously, the idea is to complete a set with some more weights.
Please feel free to help me to finish the work.
I know that some forms (Hrant pointed me) are more humanistics than the others but I m trying to equilibrate the situation and maybe it results in a strange mix way.
Sorry for my poor english.

Kautiva.swf (7.4 k)

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make 2 or 3 fonts was is still an alternative but at first I want to be sure of this letterforms.
So, now, tell me what characters are not working good for you, pliiiiiiisss ;)

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Following Coles comments I added some changes and the set is 3 fonts for now (regular, small caps and a mixed one). Planning to ad a heavy and a light weight.

Please comments will be apreciate

application/x-shockwave-flashNew Kautiva beta
beta2.swf (6.2 k)

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Uh, is are the curves unsmooth or is that just my flash plugin?
I find it very good, Alejandro. It just needs to be fine-tuned in the details, as far as I'm concerned. The mix of influences is well balanced and it gives a very lively appearance. I'd balance the lowercase s and add lowercase numerals, then re-check all the metrics, that's what comes to my mind, but in general it seems to work very good.

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thanks Claudio. Yes! flash generated from illustrator killed the curves. Metrics were not done yet :-)

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Ale - You're right, it's not unicase. What it looks like to me
is a lowercase and small caps. Add an uppercase a bit larger
than the small caps and you have 2 full fonts. ;)

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