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Anyone notice anything odd in the world of typography today?

Share your favorite 4/1 URLs here, typography or otherwise.

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We've just released a varied selection of new, unique fonts.
These include our new Nicodemus Byzantine font, the Gregorius Gothic font, the Honorius Roman font, the Caledonia Arts & Crafts font, plus several others.

These new fonts also debut a redesign of our page which I think you'll find very appealing.

Take a minute to check it out today. Just go to http://www.fontcraft.com

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Today is the anniversary of the _Grauniad_'s publication of its travelogue about San Serriffe, the lovely island nation whose two islands are Upper Caisse and Lower Caisse, and whose capital is Bodoni.


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There's an aerial shot of that tiny South Pacific island nation (you can even make out the little town of Bodoni, too)...


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I have recently added quite a lot of small booklets (pdf-format) at the Omnibus site, showing how my typefaces look in "print". I have used fairy tales in different languages for the ones available (in English, Esperanto and Swedish), and more will be added: in German, Italian (Boccaccio's Decameron, one short story per booklet), French and Spanish, but it will take some time.

Besides showing different typefaces, they can be good reading. The booklets can be downloaded at www.omnibus.se.

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