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Of course, the Nazis outlawed blackletter once they realized that using it might make world domination just a little harder. It was suddenly "discovered" to be "Jewish."

Heller was against both the "Swastika and Fraktur?" This inconsistency smells of racism.

Hello, Heller!

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Skin colour is not a requirement. [...] That is not racism. That is claiming ancestral rights.

Interesting. Skin colo[u]r is not a requirement in Israel either.

Why, do you think the German state is racist?

Actually I don't. But the article you cited seems to think it is. It cites the Right of Return law as proof that Israel is "racist." (Do you read the articles you link to?) So by extension, Germany's immigration laws would also fall into that category. (And who knows how many other countries...) Or perhaps the article just applies that standard selectively to Israel, as you seem to be doing.

I'm actually quite fond of modern Germany. I have a degree in German. I almost took a job there a few years back.

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You should try getting a job in Rafah.


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A person who converts is a full Jew, including the right of return. This demonstrates that Judaism is not a race as defined traditionally or by the state of Israel.

Qualification for return has nothing to do with race. Israel has people of every color, including Jews of Ethiopia and from all corners of the Arab world, who racially look the same as their Muslim cousins.

Your readiness to cite and repeat rubbish put out by haters of Jews and Israel, in spite of its falsity and malice being pointed out to you by many people here, is pitiful.

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> rubbish

Well, what goes around comes around...
In clearing out the rubbish between your [collective] ears please use a proper container.

If you're concerned what "many" people are thinking, first learn to listen to the world, not your own recursive propaganda juggernaut.


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That is odd John, you accused Sharon of the same thing yourself, so did the Belgium court.

I said Sharon was a war criminal, I did not accuse him of genocide and, as far as I know, neither has any legal body.

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...your own recursive propaganda juggernaut.

Having read plenty of pro-Israeli media that overlooks even the most grievous atrocities committed by the IDF, I have no argument that propaganda -- in the sense of unapologetically biased reporting -- exists and is a real barrier to understanding the situation in the Middle East. But the majority of propaganda I see favours the Palestinian cause and regularly misrepresents both Israel and the Palestinian militant organisations. This is true of much of the reports from Reuters, Associated Press, BBC and other wire services and frequently cited news sources. Reuters, for example, regularly refers to Hamas as an organisation 'fighting for a Palestinian state', while failing to report that this (Islamic theocratic, non-democratic) state is intended to occupy the entire territory of Israel. This propaganda juggernaut has completely distorted the history of the Arab Israeli conflict, and it has been swallowed whole by a depressingly large number of presumably well-meaning, liberal people in Europe and North America. And then there is the anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda in the Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority. I have a very good friend who lives in Cairo, who reports that most of the Egyptian population believes that 'the Jews' were responsible for the attack on the World Trade Centre and offers as 'evidence' the 'fact' reported in Egyptian newspapers that no Jews showed up for work at the WTC that morning. And this is in an Arab country that has a peace treaty with Israel, so one can only imagine what the Syrians, Saudis, etc. are being told by their governments.

Rather than 'listening to the world', why not try being committed to the truth? There's plenty of propaganda from both sides to sift through, without adding to it by making inapplicable and insupportable accusations of genocide and racism.

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> the majority of propaganda I see favours the Palestinian cause

If that's really the case, it's because you're listening to a broad spectrum. It's a sad truth that what Americans are listening to matters more than what anybody else is listening to, and that happens to be the Jewish flavor of things.

My compaint isn't that Jews get all the propaganda, it's that:
1) They get the lion's share in the world's remaining superpower.
2) The citizenry of that superpower doesn't realize the lopsidedness.

When somebody wields power repressively and deceptively, it's bad for the world. I have no problem with concentrated power (remember, I'm a monarchist), I have a problem with injustice, and more power it wields the deeper we're in the hole.


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I am sorry, it seems to me that you were trying to show me something.

Anyway, you pointed to this link,

and gave personal expression that Israel's immigration policy is not racist. That you may be black, yellow or any colour as long as you are "Jewish". Ironic, well know anti-semite Henry Ford said, "You can have any colour you like as long as you like black."

This is a clear case of Ethnoism which is more pernicious than Racism. This contradicts Common Law Inclusion of a Right of Return immigration policy. Therefore, it is misleading. Which, I assume, explains your confusion. It could have been written Every Jewish person has a right to immigrate to Israel, the rest of you, we don't care if your ancestor was Jesus Christ, bug off. What do you think? Just a suggestion.

By the way William, your words in italic.

A person who converts is a full Jew, including the right of return. This demonstrates that Judaism is not a race as defined traditionally or by the state of Israel.

I am not sure if this is in affect, but I believe the law is changed, or in the process, that Jewish converts will not be so allowed Right of Return.


1.) I accept a nation has a right to draft their own immigration policy, racist, ethnoist or not.

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