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Hello again.

Here is the first version of a logotype for a debating meeting. The overlay area of two dialogue bubbles represent the stripes of zebra, which is the symbol of Estonian Debating Society.

This concept will definitely be used, but I have a few more days to make changes in the logo. Lighter colours are have been requested for instance.

Anyway, I'm worried about the balance and the use of tilted bubble. What do you think?

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I like. Have you tried small caps for "Youth Forum Estonia" and perhaps some variations on the dialogue bubbles' shapes/angles (more rounded corners or ellipses)? Is the color pallette set? You might get a more pronounced color vibration effect in the zebra stripes with <i>slightly<i/> more saturation.

Very nice start.

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I think this looks really nice. The dialogue bubbles are a good idea, but they look crooked. Could you rotate one or both a little more than they are to accentuate their different angles? Or make them square to the rest of the design?

I like the saturated colours, but maybe it would work better with lighter tints or brighter colours. BTW maybe you could use transparency for where the bubbles meet, like this example:

I am NOT suggesting using curved bubbles necessarily (unless you want or feel that it could work).


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I agree with Jon regarding the accentuating of the dialogue bubbles. Rotate the orange about 5

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Thank you for the great feedback.

I'm working on different bubble shapes, but meanwhile I took the old version, tilted the symbol object, brought it closer to the text and made the colours lighter. Result:

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Transparency at intersection could be a nice idea Jon, but there might be a meaning in those "waves". Youth Forum is probably about opinions. The opinions do not necessarily become a compromise (a color which is a mixture of orange and blue). Debates are rather battles where the opinions are waving side by side and against each other...

From a designer's point of view I find those waves a nice rhythmical part of the whole composition.

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You might go to www.wildbrain.com and check out their logo for some inspiration. You could incorporate the idea of seeing or not seeing "eye to eye" (to communicate the idea of debate) along with the two dialogue bubbles.

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Magnus: I think it's an improvement, but now I am curious to see the other bubble shapes.

Matjaz: I think you are right. I hadn't given any prpoer reflection about that aspect of debate. I was thinking merely in terms of trying various techniques.

Keep us posted Magnus!


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Okay, I tried other shapes but in my opinion they didn't work very well. So I basically kept the old bubbles, made them a tiny bit rounder, shrinked the darker one a little and corrected the stripes.

Also we finally decided to go with more contrast and since the subject of this forum is the drug use of young people, vibrant colours fit pretty well. Maybe the contrast is a bit too stong?

Remember that time is up and budget small, so no major changes will be made.

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Those two bubbles seem askew. My suggestion would be to get them both oriented vertical/horizontal, and then maybe rotated clockwise slightly so the red bubble's arrow sticks out a bit. Right now, it seems tenuous and weak to me.

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I also much prefer the previous (ie. second) blue-and-orange version.

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On these different versions I used slight skew on the last three and rotation on none.

First: no skew
Second: Red bubble is skewed -4 degrees
Third: Red is skewed -4 and blue 4 degrees
Fourth: Both are -4

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One more typographic detail Magnus, before you send these files to print. I think that terminals of the "arrows" should be defined. In this case probably by a very tiny curve (see image below). Not only it makes the logo more compact it is more resistant to small sizes and on-screen display, as well. It works better with different sign-cutting machines.

Excuse me if this is already done, I can't see it at this size.

BTW: I like blue-orange color scheme more.

Curved terminal

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The second one seems best aligned to me.

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Just a flat shear on the arrow tips might be better.


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I like the alignment of #2 and the brighter (second) blue orange color scheme.

I'd also like to see what small-caps for the first letter of each word on the second line might look like.


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I like #2 - it suggests a bit of movement toward the right, taking the eye to the text part of the logo.

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Magnus, I like number 2 in your blue and red skew comparison. The new colours are okay, but I like the blue + orange in the brighter version.

This looks pretty good. Way to go.


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