Morpheum Logo

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Identity for Morpheum construction.
Morpheum Logo.jpg

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I like it, I think it would gain by just being black though, skip the photoshopped shadows(?) and greyscale in the text. It's nice. Especially like the M and what's next to it.

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Ole -- I agree with Richard about the shadow, though cool, distracts from the killer type treatment.

I would add a smidgen of breathing space at the top and bottom of the company name.

The curly O is nice as is the HE lig.

the Ms are nice too, but might benefit from lighter diagonals; they seem a tad bit dark.

Nice work.

BTW, what kind of construction firm is it? It seems more upscale than your basic general contractors with hardhats.

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The grey type is actually metallic ink on the real deal. And yes the shadow should not be there, but the client loves it. This is not a total pain to work with as I an about to to apply graphics to the company truck.

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