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Hi Typophiles

heres my first attempt for a SansSerif font. I did only a few Display and Pixelfonts before. I' m open for any suggestions. The font isn't kerned and hinted yet.

Ela Sans_Sample,

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Daniel: There are a lot of things I like about this font. My first reaction was that it would make an interesting mono spaced font. The characters are very boxy, and have the appearance of being modular.

Overall, very nice. Things I would tweak: 1) the letter "e" seems awkward. It appears as if it could fall forward at any second. 2) the "W" seems too wide. 3) the tail on the "y" doesn't thrill me. 4) certain letters look "weightier" than others...although that could just be the screen.

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This is a bit trendy, but attractive nonetheless.

Some things:
- The caps are too big.
- The vertical proportions of the lc are good.
- I'd give the "e" a smaller eye.
- The dots of "i"/"j" are too small (and too low).
- I think the "k" could be more interesting.
- I'd make the "t" wider.
- The "B" is a bit wide.
- I'd give the "I" serifs.
- The "K" is imbalanced.
- The "P" seems to have a funny appendage... ;-)
- The "Q" needs a stronger tail.
- Yes, there seems to be a lot of weight imbalance.


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Thank you guys, that are some very good hints. I also think that the caps are too big and too strong. At the moment they are as high as the ascenders of the LC. I'll fix that. I'm not sure about the "e" i like as it is, but i try out what you suggested.

I'll post a new image when its done, but feel free to post more suggestions.


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Hi everybody,

in the summer of 2003 after months of construction and kearning i finished my typefamily "Nuri" which became a huge sucess and was published in a few int. webzines and the german "page" magazine. Here Daniel Günther saw my type and even voted it in this forum for the best new typefaces of 2003:

The more i was suprised reading this thread about a new type designed by Daniel Günther which he acclaims to be his idea of a new sans serif. For my eyes its just a copy cat example par exellence. Sure, there are a few modifications but the overall idea is fully copied.

Why is somebody wasting his time instead of working on his own originality and ideas for stuff like that? Maybe somebody here has the answer. But most of all

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Frank: Point well taken. Although, to assume that we are somehow culpable by helping Daniel refine the font is a bit of a stretch. I believe this is the first time that I have even seen your font in any great detail. So it wouldn't occur to me that this font was not original.

That being said, the similarities to Nuri are undeniable. I believe you have a valid argument.

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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry Folks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got a server massage: "Internal Server Error" each time i tried to upload my posting. At the end i had six identical postings. ,-) Take it relaxed

Bests. Frank Rocholl

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Frank: That happens to me all the time. Simply hit the back button to the original page and hit "reload". Total PITA.

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Tom: Nobody is culpable in helping him. Nobody knews every font. My intention (with my posting) was just to stop a profiling with a borrowed idea.

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Hi Daniel.

I don't want to make any assumptions about your intentions or goals for this project. I've often said to
myself, "Wow! What a font! I wonder if I could make something similar." That's ok as a learning
experience. Extremely valuable in fact. One suggestion you might take from this is to disclose your
intent and any sources when you introduce the project. Not only does it save Frank the hernia, but we
can also better critique and assist you.

Stick around at Typophile. You are obviously a lover of type, and more than welcome. Chalk this one
up to experience. I look forward to seeing your next contribution to the critique section.


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Frank, I'm not sure it's close enough. For one thing, I think there are other fonts closer to yours than they (or yours) are close to Ela!

On the other hand, if your stuff was indeed his inspiration, he should state that clearly. Inspiration is an invaluable catalyst that shouldn't be muzzled, but credit it important too.


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Hi Typophiles,

I just saw that Frank Rocholl has also posted his opinion here. I received a very bad eMail from him last week in which he blamed me for copying his Nuri and threatend me with his lawyer if i would publish the font. I think that is bit overreacted, what do you think?

I can

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Oh guys im sorry about that. I got every time i wanted to post the message a pop up which said the server is not reacting. Sorry.

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